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Be Constructive

Starting out in business is tough but we help our clients build from the best foundation possible.  

Starting a new business

One of our Directors often refers to mile 18 in the marathon; this is the mile where marathon runners typically ask why the hell they are putting themselves through this, asking why in the name of god they are out there. However, when they reach mile 26, with only one fifth of a mile remaining – it becomes perfectly clear. 

We would say this little anecdote has many parallels to a life in business. At Searing Point we simply delight in assisting you prepare for a long and successful business career. Clearly, if you start on the wrong path, your chances of success are not destroyed, but certainly diminished. However, keeping in mind that ups and downs are inevitable, one should be keep calm and carry on!

We have successfully worked with so many business owners start up the modest to fantastic enterprises, having regard to business structures, hiring the right people, working with the right banks and lawyers, and dealing with all aspects of statutory compliance, from taxation to company law. Of course, we can provide all accounting and record keeping requirements, or assist with the recruitment of suitably qualified staff to fulfil these responsibilities.

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