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Give Back

Corporate Social Responsibility. It's vital to think about how you give back.

Giving Back

Searing Point and our clients do it in a responsible, sustainable and efficient way. We operate our practice with corporate social responsibility (CSR) built into our business strategy. It is not something we do as an afterthought - no - giving back is embedded into our business strategy, we  ensure that we generate, protect and enhance the trust required for our relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers, banking partners, and other stakeholders in our communities. Through our charitable foundation, Searing Point seek to collaborate with clients and communities to focus on raising the awareness of young adults in disadvantaged areas towards continuing education and the difference it can make. At Searing Point giving back is a core value, for this reason we allocate a material portion of our resources to those activities or causes that we feel passionate about. Our charitable foundation is set up to give back and ensure that our CRS strategy is integrated with our business strategy to generate stakeholder trust. We encourage our people and clients to give back by simply making corporate or personal contributions whether they be financial, administration, professional services or something else. We also participate in the running and administration of community sporting clubs - the backbone of our communities and we are proud to have the opportunity to act as mentors and work with local schools to help develop the opportunities of the students we work with.  Giving back is extremely healthy, nourishing and gratifying. Indeed we feel it is a privilege.   

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