Searing Point


Stay Solid

Minimise the unexpected and build on the positives whilst keeping the objectives in sight. Our clients stay solid for the long term.   

Managing your business

We have significant experience in creating inflection points where our client businesses begin moving in the right direction, gathering momentum and executing their business plan superbly. Should funding be a requirement for your business, we can advise which type of capital is required, and the options available to attain such capital, be this through equity share capital, preference share capital, convertible loan notes, bank overdrafts, asset finance, term loans or grant funding. 

Once we have clarified the capital required, we can assist with the formulation of your business plan, including financial projections with dynamic modelling features and sensitivity analysis built in. Setting this out in a logical way will make it easy for your potential capital provider to make a decision quickly and save time all round. Whilst the funding environment is challenging, we expect that as the global economic recovery takes hold, the need for banking partners to provide funding will escalate. We can assist with business planning under a lean canvas model, or the more traditonal business plan document.

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