Company, Sole Trade and Partnership Accounts

If your business does not employ an internal accountant, Searing Point can provide an accounting service to your business ensuring that you are right up to date with your financial information.

Company, Sole Trade and Partnership Accounts

In availing of this service you will have access to your business performance monthly, balance sheet or financial position reconciled monthly; and an analysis of cash flows for the period past and updated for the period ahead.

We like to assist our clients in preparing “cash flow runways” based on projecting forward the financial position at the most recent available date, using projected receipts and likely cash usage rates to advance notice as to cash crunch periods.

Searing Point can prepare all of the required year-end financial information for the purposes of tax returns, reporting to other stakeholders and indeed your annual statutory accounts. Augmenting your books of account, (be it your general ledger or nominal ledger,)we will also provide full back up schedules such as fixed asset registers, credit-card analysis templates, capital allowance schedules, amortisation schedules and so forth.

In addition to the above quantitative information we can also assist you with implementation of Key Performance Indicators. These allow you drill down into the key business output measures that bring into sharp focus how your business is doing – these include qualitative aspects as well as quantitative (numbers based) aspects.

We can assist also with the identification and implementation of appropriate customer relationship management (CRM) systems – which ensures that your business metrics are being captured historically and can provide a verifiable audit trail of your business customers and their history with you.

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